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Any remodel project whether big or small is an investment that should be well planned to meet your expectations when completed. When deciding on a long term investment such as a kitchen or bath renovation; there are generally 2 BIG questions: Will I get pleasure and enjoyment from the investment? Will it increase the value of my home? The answer should be YES!

Homes increase in value when rooms are updated, especially kitchens and baths. The proper improvement will increase the desirability of your home compared to others in your neighborhood. This aspect is very important if and when you go to sell your home in the future.

In the early 1900’s people did not live a fast paced, hectic lifestyle nor did they celebrate holiday’s as we do today. Early kitchens were segregated from entertaining spaces and would never have been thought of as a space in which to welcome guests. Traditionally kitchens were utilitarian; a wall hung sink, a basic free standing range, and an old ice box were the norm. Bathrooms were not much different with hot water being a real luxury. As time passed a shift within the home happened. People were met with stresses and challenges they hadn’t faced before; they needed an escape. Their escape became their home. House’s started to de designed and constructed differently. Interior spaces were enlarged and reconfigured.  As household income increased and life’s pace quickened, interiors including kitchen and bath space further evolved to compliment new lifestyles.

Today, a new dynamic of fresh organic foods are being used to replace processed foods. Healthy home cooked fresh meals are back in vogue. Instead of spending money on going out to eat or traveling for vacation people started to embrace the home as not only a roof over their head but as a cocoon for family gatherings and entertainment with good friends.

Kitchens continue to evolve to be the core of family and group gatherings now more than ever, kitchens are being embraced as a vital facet to any entertaining space. Floor plans are being centered around the kitchen and opening to family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and other adjacent spaces creating not only an open floor layout but a way for the cooks and/or hosts to interact with family and company while preparing meals. In some homes guests are even becoming a part of the preparation of the meal, cooking, and clean-up. Families now do homework; work on their laptop or large flat screen TV’s featuring Microsoft Media Center within today’s kitchens. Fresh and new healthier meals may require the desire and use for gourmet or commercial style appliances. You can have your own four star restaurant in your home, maybe a wine bar. The kitchen is officially the heart and soul of the home!

Bathrooms are another major space that can increase the value of a home. In the past bathrooms were very utilitarian; the space had a purpose and was for that purpose only. As society has progressed and life has become more and more hectic people desire a refuge, a place to escape from the everyday, unwind and relax … a utopia. Bathrooms are now being adopted as a place where one can unwind and wash off the stresses of the day or week. Especially master baths are morphing into spa-like environments: steam showers, saunas, body spays, multiple shower heads, beautiful tile and cabinetry. Music, color and aroma therapies are even being utilized within bathroom environments. People are viewing the bathroom as a healing space that can rejuvenate and reinvigorate one’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Whether it is a master bath, hall bath, or powder room, updated bathrooms are greatly desired.

Renovating and remodeling is not only a way to increase the value of one’s home but it’s a way to express yourself and create a space tailored to your lifestyle. So the next time you are second guessing your endeavor ask yourself when is the next chance you will get to do something like this? Enjoy the investment now before you decide to sell your home a few years down the road! Many homeowners have told us that they wished they had made the improvements sooner so that they could enjoyed their homes even more before they decided to sell.

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