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How to Make Your Bathroom More Functional without Compromising the Style

bathroom renovationWhen you think about your bathroom, you probably view it more as a room intended for function over style. But who says you can’t have both? Even for a smaller space or half bath, there are plenty of ways to design your bathroom upgrades to provide both functionality and style. We all struggle with planning a bathroom remodel that increases storage space, improves comfort and relaxation, yet still looks fashionable and fits the look you’re going for. Our team of bathroom contractors has compiled a list of helpful tips for you to use when planning your next bathroom upgrades.

Mount the towel bar on the shower door – This is helpful in two ways, it saves you space by putting the towel bar in a space that is already occupied, and it keeps your towel nearby and easy to reach. 

Install a corner sink – Placing the sink in the corner gives you the most space to walk around in a smaller bathroom. 

Rounded vanity – Tight spaces can be even harder to navigate with sharp corners and weird angles. A rounded vanity makes it easier to move around.

Stationary glass panel over a door – A stationary or fixed glass panel provides a chic European look and takes up much less room compared to a full glass door that needs room to open and close.

Large-scale patterns – Applying a large-scale pattern such as stripes or tiling can trick the eye and make the bathroom appear larger and more spacious.

Expand the mirror – The mirror is one of the most useful parts of a bathroom, but takes up very little space. Extending the mirror across the wall will allow two people to easily share a mirror, even in the smallest bathroom spaces.

Install a trough sink –  A trough sink is a very stylish option that is low-profile, clean, and narrow. When wall-mounted, it frees up additional space beneath for additional storage. 

Get creative with framing – When wall space is limited, you need to get creative when decorating. Getting a mirror with a stylish frame or unique shape is a great way to freshen the look of your bathroom.

Choose a vanity with a shelf – Sinks with a built-in shelf unit provide extra storage for towels, toilet paper, and other toiletries. 

Floating vanity – Besides looking stylish, this also makes the bathroom look larger and frees up additional space. 

Create Style and Function with HomeTech Renovations

When you are planning your next bathroom remodel, trust the expertise and experience of HomeTech Renovations. With nearly 40 years in the industry, our contractors have experience working with bathrooms of all sizes. We have seen every style and shape, and have created countless unique designs. We work hand-in-hand with every client to understand your style and taste and help bring your vision to life with a design that fits your space and needs. Our design team specializes in transforming the smallest bathroom space into a beautiful and elegant spa-like oasis. If you are ready to fully optimize your bathroom space for both functionality and style you will love, give HomeTech Renovations a call to schedule your free consultation with our team of designers.

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