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House & Home Writes “Ask the Expert” Article With David Cerami

A bathroom or kitchen remodeling is no small decision for most homeowners. A full renovation may involve serious commitments and time consuming tasks that can be difficult to prepare for. Even finding the most qualified contractor for your renovation can be a burden! Fortunately, there are experts in this field who have a complete understanding of all the considerations that must be made before a complete bathroom and kitchen renovation.

In a recently published House Magazine article “ask the expert” David Cerami talks about the essentials involved in considering a home renovation project. By being asked some common questions most homeowners must consider, David Cerami provides informative answers based off his extensive experience in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Some questions include, “what is the biggest misunderstanding in bathroom remodeling?” or “should a homeowner be prepared to commit to an immediate remodel when taking the plunge?”

To find out more, check out the article by clicking this link -> House & Home Article “ask the expert”

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