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Custom Pieces Vs. Out-of-the-Box

Being a designer is in part becoming a teacher by educating and opening the eyes of people who have a difficult time visualizing a design and its details and helping them to understand and see the amount of time and thought that goes into custom projects is very important. It is hard to see the value in a project when you are staring at a dollar amount and don’t really comprehend all the work that is being achieved within the investment your client is embarking on. Whether it is a sculpture, painting, living room, computer or car; there is work and design done in order to create this piece specifically for you.

There are reasons why a Ford costs what it does and why a Bentley costs what it does. Both are cars and get you from point A to point B but how they are designed and engineered and the materials used for each of these cars are completely different. Each car is designed to target a buyer or buyers. But what makes them different from one another? Why is one so much less than the other? It is the details, quality, personalization and craftsmanship that goes into each car. You are probably asking; why are you talking about the difference between two different cars? Because, it is the same in the remodeling and design industry. Design, details, quality, personalization, professionalism and craftsmanship are all qualities that are key to a seasoned designer or remodeler and the custom design you want to achieve.

Designs go further though than just a drawling on a piece of paper. The execution, process, and the fabrication needed to achieve a specific design is just as vital as the drawling on the piece of paper. A design can look beautiful but it has to be executed and engineered correctly in order to do so; this is why certain things cost what they do. A beautifully hand-crafted and custom designed piece of furniture is going to cost significantly more than an out of the box piece from a local store; why? The amount of time, engineering and quality of materials that goes into these specialty items is incredible; there are people that are specifically trained to do what they do. Is that not why we hire them?

A designer is hired because of their specialized training and education. Seeing the value in your investment is key and sometimes it is hard to see this value until you have seen and experienced the finished product. Perhaps the biggest obstacle is getting past the cost of something and truly realizing that this particular piece or deign is unique to you and only you.

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