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Installing Concrete Countertops in Greater Philadelphia

More and more kitchen dealers, architects and designers are going with concrete in the kitchen! With the multitude of choices in color, pattern, shapes and sizes; Verdicrete has become a beautiful and creative medium that can be used in both modern and traditional design styles. With our concrete, Verdicrete, you can bring your innovative ideas to life with countertops, decorative inlaid panels, fireplace surrounds, floor tile, wall tile, furniture, and bath enclosures. The possibilities are endless!

Concrete Countertops by HomeTech Renovations

Verdicrete concrete countertops are built in our facility where conditions are controlled, special casting tables are used, and ample time is allotted for curing before the finish is applied. This assures uniformity of color and finish. Verdicrete countertops are made of cement, lightweight aggregates, and a combination of additives such as fiber reinforcement, silica fume, pozzolan, and acrylic. Various reinforcements are used including structural steel, wire mesh, fiberglass, and/or fibers. Sometimes more than one type of reinforcement is used.

We can build our Verdicrete countertops from a minimum of ½” thick and upward. The finished edges may be made at any height. A 1 1/4” Verdicrete countertop weighs approximately 12lbs per square foot and is 33% lighter than stone. Most factory-made kitchen cabinets will support either concrete or granite without a problem. It’s wise to check any special layout details with your kitchen designer or general contractor. A 1 ½” Verdicrete countertop can be overhung about 24” without support.

Larger overhangs can be achieved using invisible structural supports that are built into the tops. We also use steel reinforcement bars needed. Field joints are rarely needed. They may occur on oversized tops or at large angled corners. Verdicrete countertops include a durable finish that will last for the lifetime of the countertop. The finish is waterproof and stain-proof and requires little maintenance.

Our Concrete Countertop Details

  • Integral sinks in varying shapes and sizes are available.
  • We can under-mount or cut-in any sink that you provide.
  • Holes for faucets and accessories such as hot water inserts and soap dispensers are available options.
  • Integral drain board patterns and recessed areas for special uses are very distinctive options.
  • You can inlay almost any material into the concrete. Items such as glass, fossils, or shells are often used.
  • Built-in trivets, using stainless steel rods and buttons, are often used next to cooktops.
  • Molded edge profiles are available. You may choose from our library of edge shapes.
  • Staining or patterned crackling effects offer interesting design options

Our Concrete is Environment Friendly

Veicrete concrete is also environmentally responsible; it has 33% less carbon footprint than traditional concrete, 0% VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) finishing, recyclable, and manufactured entirely with rainwater. This product is pending LEEDS certification. To learn more about Vedicrete contact HomeTech Renovations or visit the Brooks Custom website.

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