Why We Use Chief Architect Home Designer Software

Starting a home renovation project is a very exciting time for a home owner.  Most clients that come to us have many ideas for their space but have a hard time visualizing what the end result will look like.  As a designer I am able to visualize the space in my head but to help convey the design to our clients we use a program called Chief Architect Home Designer.

There are many different programs that can be used to work up designs but we have found Chief Architect to be a very versatile program.  Chief Architect Home Designer works in all dimensions, as the chief-architect-home-design-reviewuser I am able to draw a 2D kitchen plan and click a button to see the space as if I were standing in the room.  Making changes to the design can be done in plan view, elevation view, or even in perspective view.  Chief Architect is not only great for visual it is also very accurate.  When we design a space we want to make sure it looks great but most importantly that it’s going to work.  I am able to easily check the measurements of the space and specify the exact materials being used.

Chief Architect provides the user with generic fixtures, furniture, and finishes to select from to help design the space.  But, many companies supply digital renderings of their fixtures and furniture that can be imported into the program, this is a great feature.  Chief Architect Home Designer also give you the flexibility of importing any material you wish.  This portion of the program is very important when it comes to producing a very accurate rendering for our clients.

What we love most about Chief Architect Home Designer is the photo realistic renderings that we are able to present to our clients.  There are many different chief-architect-reviewrendering techniques that are offered, when in the beginning stages of a project the quick renderings are great to get a quick visual of the space.  Once we get closer to finalizing a space we like to use a method called Ray Trace.  This process can take a few hours to render but will result is a rendering that can be mistaken as a picture.  Ray Trace will give the space dimension with the reflective surfaces and brilliant lighting.  There is not another program out there that can match the quality of Chief architect.

As one of the Designers at HomeTech Renovation I use Chief architect quite a bit and I love the quality of the renderings that it can produce.  Although I can picture a project before I start a rendering I always get excited to see the final Ray Trace.  The amount of detail the renderings are able to display are a really great tool for our clients.  If you would to be able to get a good look at your space before it is installed give us a call today to set up your free design consultation.

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