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Clay Decor

The driving force behind Clay Decor, LLC is artist A. M. (Anne) Foulke. Foulke is the principal artist in the company, and is responsible for creating the designs and building the art tiles, vessel sinks, and decorative elements. Foulke’s love of interior design and passion for art culminated into Clay Decor, LLC, started in 2003, where she began building relationships Read More


Lilywork Ceramic Ornament is based out of Bucks County, PA, an area rich in handcrafted tile heritage. Lilywork designers draw their inspiration from local tile-making traditions, as well as, world travels, historic patterning, and architectural studies. Their designs reflect cross-cultural elements from historic Korean, Turkish, Roman, Persian, Moroccan, Central Asian, and Spanish decorative arts.

The owners, designers, and creators of Read More