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Your bathroom should be your home sanctuary where you energize yourself in the morning, or find peace and quiet after a long day at work. As a result, a bathroom remodel will help you achieve this while significantly impacting the overall feel of your home. Starting a bathroom remodel can be quite overwhelming, so make HomeTech Renovations your go-to bathroom remodel service provider for all your remodeling needs in the greater Philadelphia region. If you have decided to give your bathroom a facelift but do not know exactly where to start, we’ve highlighted five bathroom ideas to inspire your next remodel. 


Bathroom Renovation Designs and Ideas

There are many styles to choose from when remodeling your bathroom, whether contemporary, vintage, eclectic, modern, or traditional. Let’s take a closer look. 


  • Sleek and Chic: The Stylish Contemporary Bathroom

Undeniably, a contemporary bathroom is clean and characterized by luxury finishes. Contemporary bathroom ideas create a feeling of openness by featuring large mirrors and light color schemes to create an illusion of more space. In a sleek bathroom, less is definitely more. When you think of contemporary bathroom designs, elements such as minimalistic faucets and light fixtures, creative tile layouts, and floor-to-ceiling tiles spring to mind, it also features geometric patterns, flowing curves, and clean lines.


  • Timeless Charm: Reviving the Vintage Bathroom

Vintage bathrooms are timeless yet stylish, giving you a place to unwind after a busy day. They feature ageless fabrics, wood panels, and upcycled pieces. A vintage bathroom may also feature clawfoot tubs, pedestal sinks, ornate sink basins, or gold-rimmed mirrors. You can revive your vintage bathroom by mixing up rustic finishes with up-to-date technology such as underfloor heating, mood lighting, and electric showers to keep the space both stylish and functional. 


  • Dare to Be Different with an Eclectic Bathroom Design

Eclectic bathrooms unite a variety of styles. An eclectic bathroom design can be a beautiful mixture of contemporary and traditional bathrooms. If you love eclectic designs, keep an eye out for rare finds. Homeowners choose this design as it allows them to express their personality and draw inspiration from various design eras. One way to achieve an eclectic bathroom design is to add rustic elements and incorporate natural materials.


  • Experience the Future with a Modern Bathroom Makeover

A modern bathroom has clean lines and simple color palettes. Common attributes of a futuristic bathroom include floating vanity and wall-hung furniture. If you aspire to have a modern bathroom, use decorative lighting and warm gold fixtures. The advantage of modern fixtures is that they are highly versatile and blend easily to fit your style. 


  • Classic Comfort: Rediscovering the Beauty of Traditional Bathrooms

Traditional bathrooms are classic and comforting. They often stick to a very neutral palette rather than bold colors. Traditional bathroom designs take inspiration from materials connected to historical eras such as colonial and Victorian times. Some of the aspects of a traditional bathroom include free-standing porcelain claw foot tubs, marble floor tiles, traditionally styled mirrors, and toilets with high-level cisterns. If you opt for a traditional bathroom, use antique decor, porcelain floor tiles, ornate floral patterns, and exposed pipework. The nostalgic marble or porcelain design adds a traditional vibe to your bathroom.


Contact HomeTech Renovations for a Free In-Home Bathroom Remodel Consultation 

A bathroom remodel includes installing electrical equipment, and plumbing work, which requires you to hire a professional for the job. Our experts have the skills and knowledge to do the task safely, correctly, and per the local codes. HomeTech Renovations is at your disposal if you want to remodel your bathroom. We will remodel a bathroom that fits your style and family’s needs. Contact us for a walkthrough of the remodel options available.


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