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Bathrooms Today: From Utilitarian Room to Peaceful Sanctuary

Bathrooms have become more than just a room containing primary functions. These spaces have evolved into an environment that takes on the lifestyle and identity of the homeowner; it has become a refuge to enjoy a peaceful space and escape from the everyday dredger we all go through. This is being done through the materials chosen on a given project and the cabinetry which now more than ever is being transformed into pieces of furniture and sometimes even works of art while maintaining functionality.

There is a move towards using exotic woods, unique finishes and distinctive designs that tell a story and express the homeowner’s style. Vanities are now becoming the focal point of bathrooms; the ideas and options are endless when creating a piece or pieces of furniture for your oasis. Vanities are also being manipulated in the way they are organized to accommodate the need of the homeowner.

We are seeing longer and sometimes deeper. The biggest expression within these pieces is the wood type, finish and style. Cherry and Maple have always been the popular wood species; now emerging in favor is rosewood, walnut, lyptus, mahogany, bamboo and quarter sawn white oak are only a few of the beautiful exotic woods that are now being seen within bathroom designs Rich dark wood tones have been especially popular; their juxtaposition again light airy tile create a tranquil spa-like feeling or the natural tones alongside a multicolor slate and more earthy colored tile create a natural welcoming oasis.  The styles used for these vanities vary from the detailed traditional to minimal modern which can drive the rest of the design. These elements truly embellish and make piece of furniture beautiful timeless works of art.

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