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Top Reasons Why You Need a Bath Remodel

At the start of a new year, we often imagine the endless possible ways to change and how they can benefit our lifestyles. For many homeowners, this is the perfect time to tackle home improvement projects and home remodels. Desiring a new feel and overall look for any room in your home is normal. Spend time considering why you really need a remodel before making arrangements for a remodel. Here are some of the most common reasons why homeowners want a remodel and some solutions.


Need More Space– Older homes typically feature smaller bathrooms. Increase your bathroom space size to full functionality for your large family. Installing new drawers, cabinets with under sink space and a linen closet will greatly help with storage issues.


Update Fixtures or Style– Bring your old bathroom into the 21st Century with a remodel. For a fresh room, you can upgrade your bathroom with new fixtures, a new shower or tub. Sliding into a deep soak tub sounds like a great way to relax, right? Simply changing the style of the bathroom can also make a lasting impression. Putting subway tiles from wall to floor and mosaics can provide a pleasant new decor.

Increase Home Resale Value– Newly remodeled Master Baths increase the home resale price by 60%. If you’re considering semi-small jobs that can be done in a quick amount of time to sell your house, a bathroom remodel is your best option.


Improve Energy Efficiency– For energy cutting solutions, consider adding energy efficient items in your bathroom. Install compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) lighting, new windows and water-saving appliances, like toilets with two flush buttons. You can also install Energy Star-certified windows that are insulated to prevent your bathroom from letting in heat during the summer or the cold during the winter.


At HomeTech Renovations, we take time to individually discuss your remodel plans and designs with you. Use our FREE Planning Guide to help you plan the perfect Bathroom remodel.