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Love wood working and fine carpentry. I also enjoy good music and being outdoors.


I’m a second-generation Carpenter. I started as an apprentice with my father in 1994. For the past 20 years, I’ve focused on fine woodworking, whole


Art and design have always been my love but when it came to a career my practical Midwestern parents objected.  So I became a psychologist

Staff David Stimmel


I began in the business with other firms who were more interested in selling cabinets than they were in creating unique spaces. I hold tight

David, CKBR

Art is all around us….. everything we see and touch was created by a higher source, artist, or designer….. I believe that my work manifests


Over 20 years management in project engineering. Design/build custom carpenter. A.H.I.T. certified and PA licensed home inspector. Member NKBA, NARI, NACHI, AAMI. Certified Lead Carpenter


I have spent my entire professional career as a finish carpenter. In 1999, I made a decision to join the HomeTech Renovations team and never