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Kitchen Lighting Ideas To Transform Your Space

One of the aspects of home remodeling that often gets overlooked yet has a tremendous impact on the space is lighting. Lighting can have a significant effect on how an entire room feels at different times during the day and that’s not just because of the light that they transmit. The fixture itself can add a significant interior design element to the space. 

We’ve been part of countless kitchen renovations where light has been the difference-maker in taking a kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary. Light is having a moment in the interior design world and we certainly understand why. 

Kitchen Lighting Ideas:

Unanticipated Materials

The use of materials that you wouldn’t expect such as untreated wood, translucent glass, acrylics, and polymers are all currently being used to make lighting fixtures. While glass and metals are still on-trend, finding a lighting fixture that works within your space that is made of something unexpected is a great way to create a trendy moment in any space you’re designing. 

Type Of Lighting

Why not try something different? We’re seeing a lot of LED accent or energy-efficient indirect lighting at the moment. Indirect lighting just means that the source of the light is hidden and the light spreads beautifully throughout the room via reflection. Use your lighting to create an interesting design moment to your space.

Fixtures Made Of Varying Textures + Shapes

This is where you can really have some fun with your kitchen remodel. Some popular trends for light fixtures in terms of utilizing different shapes and textures include light bulbs that are “bunched” together, unexpected shapes of metals or another material placed together, and added decor such as mirror inserts. The fixture that you choose when designing a kitchen should add to your overall design to either really drive home the look you are going for or support your desired atmosphere within your kitchen in a subtle way.

Utilize Furniture For Lighting Opportunities

If you’re like us, we look at a space as an art form. One of the kitchen lighting ideas that we love is the use of light within the furniture itself. This can be done by using lighting to show off your space through the creation of different “moments” in your kitchen whether it’s under counter lighting, lighting within the cabinets themselves, or lighting under the cabinets to give the illusion that they’re floating. These “moments” can accentuate a space, give the feeling of more room or simply add an interesting design touch to the space. 

Use Lighting To Create Zones

Defining specific zones within a kitchen is a popular trend right now and lighting can help create these specified zones. You may be wondering what a zone in a kitchen is? Kitchen zones essentially are different “functional areas” within your kitchen. An area where you do food prep can be one zone and an area where you wash dishes can be another area. Track lighting, theater spotlights, and luminaries can all be used to help define these zones to create a modern look.  

Ready To Upgrade Your Kitchen Lighting?

Have we provided enough kitchen lighting ideas to get you excited about updating the lighting in your kitchen? Allow the kitchen remodeling contractors at HomeTech Renovations to get the job done for you. Our team of professionals can guide you through the process of choosing the right lighting for your project so that you can enjoy the space in a way that you never may have thought possible.