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Debunking Common Myths About Bathroom Remodeling

When it comes to home improvement, homeowners seem primarily occupied with renovating their bathrooms and kitchens. In fact, in 2015, the top two most common remodeling jobs were bathroom remodeling (81%) and kitchen remodeling (79%). But before you prepare for any remodeling job, it’s important to know the facts, and unfortunately, there are many myths about bathroom remodeling that can deter some homeowners from even considering the process. Here are just a few common myths you’ll hear about bathroom remodeling ideas.

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t add much home value.

A common misconception, this statement is false. The truth is that bathroom additions offer an average of 86.4% ROI. Plus, most bathroom remodeling projects include some sort of plumbing renovation, or at least, inspection. This means that if you have any leaks in your bathroom, they can be fixed, which can save you time and money. About 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day, and fixing easily corrected household water leaks can save homeowners about 10% on their water bills. These two benefits combined make for significant increases in overall home value when all is said and done.

It’s hard to incorporate eco-friendly elements into a bathroom remodeling project.

This may have been true a few decades ago, but these days, it’s easier than ever before to include eco-friendly and sustainable elements and appliances into your new bathroom design. For example, in a Houzz survey, 91% of participants said they plan to install energy efficient toilets during bathroom remodels. But even if you’re looking for more vintage bathroom decor, you can rest assured that there are plenty of options that combine both sustainability and visual appeal, ensuring you’ll still be able to customize your modern or vintage bathroom decor however you wish.

Ultimately, being aware of these bathroom renovation myths can help you determine whether or not a bathroom remodeling project is right for you, and it can also help you come up with some unique bathroom renovation ideas of your own to bring your ultimate bathroom visions to life. For more information about vintage bathroom decor or antique bathroom fixtures, contact HT Renovations.