10 Must-Haves for a Dream Bathroom Design

As a homeowner, it is common to envision the perfect bathroom that will serve as a getaway from everyday stressors. It is essential to have a bathroom that will allow you to relax from hard days, or nights, of work. If you are considering transforming this space into an elegant place to unwind and cleanse yourself, then read these ideas to inspire your dream bathroom design.

Luxurious tub
Imagine the ultimate luxurious bathroom with a stand alone tub or a Japanese soaking tub. To truly relax in your tub, place a bathtub caddy to enjoy a book, aromatherapy candles, or even a glass of wine while you take a soak.

A touch of nature
Add a natural element to your bathroom for an inviting feel. Nothing says chic more than a bouquet of freshly cut flowers in a bathroom. If you do not like flowers, consider placing a small potted bonsai tree along the windowsill.

Feature wall
Add a creative element to your bathroom with a feature wall that will be the focal point of the room. Choosing mosaic tiles, hexagons, or tiny rectangles will really draw the eye and bring the room together. Depending on the material or color you use, a feature wall can even enlarge a small bathroom.

Elegant tile
Using elegant floor-to ceiling tile can transform the appeal and the level of relaxation in your bathroom. Consider incorporating mosaic tile, a bold pattern tile, expensive-looking stone or even a crisp white subway tile. This will give your new bathroom a sense of polish and luxury.

Quality installations
Do not settle for cheap quality items in your dream bathroom. Splurge on a new toilet, or even add a bidet if you really want to look fancy! More importantly, place quality sinks and faucets that will not require repairs soon after installation. Additionally, consider replacing old drawers and cabinet hardware with elegant knobs and pulls.

Statement pendant/chandelier
Take your bathroom from blah to brilliant with a statement pendant or chandelier. This type of hanging light fixture adds elegance and character to any bathroom. It also gives your bathroom a more spacious feel. Beware of hanging lighting directly above a tub, as your county’s building codes may require it to be hung at a specific height. So, check your local codes if you are considering placing a statement pendant or chandelier over a tub. Also, be sure to use lighting fixtures that are rated for use in damp or wet locations.

Beautiful vanity
Choose a vanity design that flows with the theme of the bathroom or a piece that stands out. If you desire a vintage style bathroom, choose a furniture-style vanity, with shapely legs or curvy feet.

Layered lighting
Use multiple layers of lights to properly illuminate a bathroom. Your lighting type options are numerous, including wall sconces, decorative ceiling lights or recessed lighting.

Custom shower
An elegant new shower can be a beautiful addition for the perfect dream bathroom. Choose a shower design that will go well with any style, including traditional or transitional. A walk-in shower is great but you can also enclose it with a glass door, which lets in more light and enlarges the space. For a truly relaxing experience, a rain shower head will make a big difference.

More storage space
For small bathrooms with limited storage, discuss with your designer the possibility of partially opening up a wall for more bathroom storage. You can have open shelves installed with translucent glass doors for an artistic element. Add a mirrored door front to the storage closet to create the illusion of a bigger space. Plus, it will also double its purpose as a full-length mirror.

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